Monday, April 12, 2010

The Craziest Diets Ever Known To Man

People have been dieting for centuries on end, and most people think that diets created in the past decades are ridiculous. Wait till you hear about how crazy other diets from the past century, maybe that'll change your mind.

The tapeworm diet. This diet requires the user to ingest a pill that supposedly contains a live tapeworm. By doing so, you'll have the worm munch on the excess food and you'll be shedding pounds in no time. There wasn't much proof of the effectiveness of this diet though.

The vision diet. This diet requires you to wear blue glasses, supposedly to make your food look less appetizing because of the color change the blue glasses will make on the food. Aside from looking silly with the blue glasses, it apparently does nothing to curb one's appetite.

The Bible diet. This diet makes you eat only the foods included in Genesis Chapter 9, Verse 3 - all-natural, raw, and strictly vegan - with only 15% of the food you eat should be cooked. It's been proven effective, provided that you balance your protein, vitamin, and mineral intake.

How about that, do you still think the diets of this century are too weird?

by: Abbey Grace Yap

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