Monday, June 6, 2016

How to Live Beautifully In the Midst of Disease

Many people say that when you have a disease your world has been ended. All of your dreams have been fall out and there are no reasons to fight for because sooner or later, you will be put in a six feet below the ground. The reasons might be true but are you going to let it happen. How will you stay beautiful In the midst of having disease? Let me share to your some of my ideas on how to look beautiful. 

1.      Acceptance – I believe accepting that you have disease is the first thing you should do. Accept it whole heartily
2.      Having a positive mind – Staying positive helps your mind think properly. A disserted mind makes all your work very disorganized
3.       Leave it as normal- Having disease doesn’t mean that you will stop all your activities in a daily basis. Just do what you are doing
4.      Make friends- Base on my experience .I have gained friend even I have disease. I have learned to socialize and enjoyed the perks of having many friends.
5.      Wear a smile- Wearing a smile looks you beautiful. When you smile, you have stretched your facial muscle, you are far from having hypertension and this will also look you younger.
6.      Look for an alternative- People say that they are not capable in doing their old doings when they  got sick because they have stuck up there. It seems like these are true but it may be also a brand new start to look for an alternative. You can do outlets do overcome these like  cooking , driving ,baking , teaching  kids etc , just  do what you heart desires.
7.      Value things - Maybe your days are already numbered here on this wicked world but it doesn’t say that you will halt on living a good life. Acknowledge and value things. Appreciate little things that you have seen here.
8.      Plan for a vacation- Planning an out town nor going abroad maybe seems peculiar, na├»ve nor unique but yes you can do this even if you are sick. All you need to do is plan it and make it happen. This will not give you an opportunity to see different places but these will also you a chance to witness the beauty that God has made. In addition to that you have enjoyed these together with your love ones
9.      Be Cooperative- Keep in mind that you are not the only one suffers on your sickness  but also your family. Your burden and sufferings are also theirs. Your family is always there to help so be cooperative enough. When they say that you need to drink your medicine on time , have your regular checkups, do it without persistence.
10.   Pray without ceasing- Above all of things, I believe this is the most effective and essential. God doesn’t gave you this to stuck up your life in a corner but instead this a new door to view your life to the fullest. Make use this borrowed life has to do what God is asking you. You might not understand why these things happen but just pray without ceasing. A minute of prayer helps you understand  and gain you strength  to carry on which emanates from our Mighty God alone

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me” Philippians 4:13