Monday, April 12, 2010

The Craziest Diets Ever Known To Man

People have been dieting for centuries on end, and most people think that diets created in the past decades are ridiculous. Wait till you hear about how crazy other diets from the past century, maybe that'll change your mind.

The tapeworm diet. This diet requires the user to ingest a pill that supposedly contains a live tapeworm. By doing so, you'll have the worm munch on the excess food and you'll be shedding pounds in no time. There wasn't much proof of the effectiveness of this diet though.

The vision diet. This diet requires you to wear blue glasses, supposedly to make your food look less appetizing because of the color change the blue glasses will make on the food. Aside from looking silly with the blue glasses, it apparently does nothing to curb one's appetite.

The Bible diet. This diet makes you eat only the foods included in Genesis Chapter 9, Verse 3 - all-natural, raw, and strictly vegan - with only 15% of the food you eat should be cooked. It's been proven effective, provided that you balance your protein, vitamin, and mineral intake.

How about that, do you still think the diets of this century are too weird?

by: Abbey Grace Yap

Friday, April 9, 2010

Supposed Diet Foods That Aren't Really Diet Friendly

Part of being fit is being wise about the food we eat. Avoiding high-fat, high cholesterol foods are a must as well as eating foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

But what if your diet food isn't helping your diet?

Let me give you some examples of diet foods that actually bust your diet.

Sushi - you may think that this dish is lean and healthy because it's made of seafood and doesn't require oil to prepare, but the truth is, the cream cheese, shredded cheese, and mayo included in the dish are loaded with fat too.

Fat-free salad dressing - Fat-free doesn't always equate to healthy. Some nutrients need fat in order to be absorbed by the body. By using fat-free dressing all the time, you may actually be wasting precious nutrients in your salad greens.

Ground turkey - many a diet gurus suggest using turkey meat instead of regular ground meat. But if you're not careful enough, you may end up buying ground turkey that still contains skin and fat which will still add up to your cholesterol count.

Are you surprised at how much fat your supposed diet foods still contain? I know I am

Contributed By: Abbey Yap

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tips For Ear Cleaning

Cleaning the ears is a taxing, but delicate thing to do. One wrong move and you could end up damaging your eardrum, which could lead to hearing difficulties. Considering how our balance is mostly dependent on our ears, I doubt that damaging any part of it is something we'd like to happen.

To avoid untoward incidents, you can try a technique that many doctors use to clean their patient's ears - the hydrogen peroxide technique:

  • Dilute hydrogen peroxide in water to create a cleaning solution.
  • Place one or two drops of the solution into one ear and wait for the fizzing to finish.
  • Let the solution drain out and repeat the process on the other ear.

An important reminder, though. Before you even try to do the said ear-cleaning technique, consult an ear, nose, throat (ENT) specialist to determine whether you have a perforated eardrum or any related ear problem.

The hydrogen peroxide technique should not, in any case, be used on someone who has a perforated eardrum.

If you have encountered any problem after performing the hydrogen peroxide technique even after you've been given a go signal, consult your ENT.

By. Abbey Grace Yap

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chronic Renal Failure

is the progressive loss and slowly ongoing deterioration of the kidney function over a period of time. Chronic Renal Failure is characterized by frequently urinating (polynuria), lack of nitrogen in the body (azotemia), high blood pressure ( hyperglycemia). headache,restlessness,uremic frost and itchiness.Chronic Renal Failure sometimes may lead to lack of potassium (hyperkalemia), lack of sodium (hypernatrimia).

Chronic Renal Failure can be treated by taking sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate helps increase potassium level of the body. It can also be treated by taking vitamins and minerals.And regarding to this medication I have a suggestion that I want to share with you. EasyhealthMD.comonline consultation. This online consulation offers the best medical plan.medical plan For as low as $12 a monthly, you can avail their Corporate Plan. And if you want to assure your family, you may avail there suprising Family Plan for as low as $40 a month for members of two adults and a minor dependent for the 1-year duration plan (prescription benefits plan included).I am sure that your chronic renal failure will absolutely gone away. So avail now before it's too late. It's just a mere opportunity.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cystitis Disease- A journey In Discovering This

Are you doing the right thing regarding your health? Are you eating the right food so that your parts of the body may function well? Let's have a study regarding a certain disease called cystitis. One of the common disease that affects our body most specially our bladder is Cystitis. What is cystitis? What are the preventions? How can it be cure?

CYSTITIS- is a kind of disease in which the urinary bladder inflames. Cystitis disease more often occurs in women because of having a short urethra but it may also affects either sex and all ages groups. The signs and symptoms of cystitis disease may really lead to a serious matter:
  • Painful urination (dysuria)

  • Frequent urination (polynuria) or urgent need to urinate

  • Pressure in the lower pelvis

  • Need to urinate at night( nocturia)

  • Abnormal urine color (cloudy)

  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)

  • Foul or strong urine odour

Patients who were having cystitis disease were immediately advised by the doctor to take some test to determine it causes . These test includes urinalysis and urine culture or catherized urine specimen.Urinalysis reveals white blood cells( WBC) and (RCB) red blood cells.It detects if there is blood in the urine Another is urine culture (clean catch) or catherized urine specimen. This test may be done to find out what kind of bacteria is causing the infection and to determine such antibiotics that will prescribe to the patients.Now that we had already learned the signs and symptoms of cystitis and the tests that can detect cystitis, let's now discuss about how to prevent the cystitis and what are the medications for cystitis that may help to lessen. Since cystitis is an inflammation , we should better used antibiotics such as amoxicillin, cifrofloxacin or levofloxacin, nitrofurantoin and many more. According to the studies, antibiotics has a vital ingredients that helps and used to control bacterial infection and once you have taken this kind of course you need to complete it. Another is pyridium, It is a kind of analgesics that particullary used to alleviate the pain,irritation, discomfort or urgency of urinating( polynuria) associated to cystitis.You may also help your community to start some seminars on how to prevent cystitis. First, you may teach those ladies on how to wash their genital area by the method of cleansing it front and back, it may not only feel them better but it may also lessen the reproduction of bacterias in their genitals. Secondly, you may teach to increase their fluid intake, as what the medical professionals called this as the force fluid. Force fluid is an intake of a more or less than 2000ml of water fluid in the body. Thirdly,you may teach them also to urinate immediately after their sexual intercourse, it may help eliminate any bacteria that may have been introduced during the intercourse. Forth, you may ask them to refrain their habits in urinating for long periods of time because it only multiplies the bacterias in the body, better to advice them to urinate frequently as possible because it may reduce the risk of cystitis. Fifth, you advice those patients to have a warm sitz bath Warm sitz bath is a form of bathing where bottom and hips are immersed for a period of time, 15-20 minutes is ideal. And lastly they say that natural medication really works and of course if you don't really feel to take these said medications why not try the acid wash diet, Acid wash diet is a kind of diet that associated with cranberry. As we all know that cranberry is rich with Vit. C. This diet for cystitis was advised by doctors to those whose were having cystitis to acidfy urine and prevent bacterial multiplication.

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